Tuesday, 19 July 2011

10 random questions

what is your shoe size?
UK, 6. Europe, 39

where do you work?
unemployed. just finished university, though, so I am looking ;)

your favourite blog?
there`s a few I regularly go back to. What Katie Wore, Kickette, Mr PapparazziBonjour Gazel is a recent favourite. Blair on a Budget is a good read. I Heart Vintage x is a cute little blog with tips on how to thrift.

do you have any pets?
two kittens, Alfie+Ginger :)

how many siblings do you have?
none. I am a single child. love it!

if you could live anywhere, where would it be?
London. or Barcelona.

what were you doing before this?
watching BBC News

your favourite food?
hmm … hard one, this. chicken is versatile – so chicken fajitas, chicken burritos, chicken caesar salad .. you get the gist!

do you have a middle name?

favourite websites?
Twitter. Tumblr. Blogger. Net-a-Porter.com. Topshop.com. 

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