Monday, 18 July 2011

first night out

well, last night was the first time i have been out as a "single", technically ... probably ...
i`m still not totally sure of the status-title yet. but it`s more single than not. so ...
Legally Blonde: The Musical was so much fun! the theatre was half-empty (Friday night!?!?) so we moved seats and sat a hell of a lot closer than our original ones - which wasn`t difficult, considering we had a seat right up on the roof! the songs were catchy - "is he gay or European!?" "beeeeeeend and snap!" - the dancing was upbeat, and the outfits were pink and sparkly!!!
all good! :)
i had a £4 glass (which came in one of those small bottles) of wine in a plastic cup:
the Magners is not mine! the wine - looking pathetic! - is ... :)
and anyone who either knows me or is a wine-snob like myself can appreciate how totally rank it tastes drinking from a cup instead of a wine glass! i would have been preferred it if the theatre bar had invested in plastic wine glasses - you can but them from pound-shops, for heaven`s sake!!!
whatevz. i bought 2 rounds :)
then we went to an old man`s pub. my idea. i go to them with my family. i like them! it was `an experience` for my friends ... haha!
me doing the `bend+snap!` haha!!!
then we went t a club for a couple of drinks. purple WKDs! i felt 16 again! new flavour is pretty tasteless but is a fun colour :) but those cheap bottle make my throat dry and sore :(
it was sooo nice being out - i can`t remember the last time i was in town! and dancing! - and it felt good having a dance with my girl friends. no boys. no texting boys. no talking to boys. just dancing! and having a drink! and a chat about crap!
i felt 16 but i don`t look it, haha! next time: i will `dress-up`!!!
definitely a good night to help take my mind of my deteriorating relationship.  

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