Tuesday, 12 July 2011

what i`ve done with my day ...

... not much, really.
i slept for the best part of it - because getting up was pretty difficult. i didn`t have much to do, either.
well, that`s a lie, actually. i did have stuff to do - but i don`t really have to do it until tomorrow ... so i`m obviously leaving it until tomorrow when i`ll be rushing around and wishing i had done it all today.
i watched a lot of this:
and ate this:
drank a whole carton of this (which made me feel blurgh!) :
... and i`ll probably venture out down the road to buy a bottle of this:
because Diet Coke never fails to cheer me up :)
i`ll be getting a lovely shower later on too using this:
because it is the loveliest shower gel ever!!! and smells amazing!!!
... hopefully tomorrow will be much better - mainly because i know i`ll have to get up + do something productive.
... i`ll definitely have to pick an outfit out tonight, too, because i`m useless at deciding that morning. please let it be sunny!

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