Monday, 18 July 2011

a rainy weekend ...

no word of a lie: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and today (Monday) has just lashed down with rain!
it`s July!!!
bloody English summertime ...
anyway, i didn`t mind the rain at all - especially yesterday. firstly, i love the rain :) secondly, i hate Sundays - so rain on a Sunday is perfect!
a peek of the view of all the rain from my bedroom window
me trying to be really arty, haha!
love this! how the back yard looks from the kitchen window! looks good in the rain ;)
the rainy weather gave me a chance to break out a cute outfit, though:
blue dress from H&M; necklace from Accessorize (it`s a magnifying glass!)
how cute are these wellies?! wish i could afford Hunter :(
all the romance of the rain kinda gave me the sad feelings ...
you see, me and Him always had this really specific idea that "when we were older ..." (and we had a marriage and a house and children and a car ...) we would get up really early on a Sunday morning, gather our family (dog/s included!) and head to the countryside (North Wales or The Lake District) and spend the day listening to the rain thud gently on the car on the drive, eat home-made foil-wrapped sandwiches and then go for such a long, romantic stroll with our thick, water-proof jackets and our cute wellies ...
and now it`s so hard trying to burst that bubble 
or picturing doing it alone ... without the children, but possibly the dog/s.
... and definitely waaay too hard picturing it with another man :( i. just. cannot. do. THAT.
le sigh
but none-the-less, i still adore the rain - so i went for a walk.
i got bloody drenched!!!
as romantic as the rain is for me, the practicalities aren`t.
but, really, if you and your loved one were drenched and you headed home, it`d be so lovely changing out of the sopping wet clothes and running a hot bubble bath and just relaxing before changing into super-dry p.j.`s and snuggling up on the couch and watching Top Gear (because it`s Sunday ...!) whispering all the plans you two have for the future ... 
maybe rainy days can now be filled with walks by myself and thinking of all the good things i have to look forward to? so far: ... applying for jobs. 
but, in its own way, applying for jobs is exciting. it`s imagining what could be, and trying to make it happen. even if it`s not happening right now ... i mean, it`s going to happen. it`s just going to take time.
and until then, i have this blog :)

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