Friday, 22 July 2011


the perfect outfit:
i would probably opt for a knee-length/mid-length dress (something to cover my knees – i think they`re horrible, especially when i only see them when i`m looking down at them, but i don`t suppose they`re horrid. in the Winter i`d probably wearing a dress that was a few inches above the knee so long as i was wearing tights. but i`m thinking this dress would be worn in the Spring/Autumn.) with a really pretty pattern on, or a pretty black colour that it separated at the waist with a thin, tan belt. 
i`m not good at wearing heels for long periods of time, but i always think heels make an outfit, and make me feel pretty, so i would wear tan heeled-sandals for a bit, then swap to tan flat-sandals later on. 
i`m not sure where this outfit would be worn; i suppose it could be worn anywhere. i`m quite a relaxed dresser, so i could make this work whether it was a casual or special occasion J 
and it`s a toss-up on the bag-front: clutch, or chained handbag? hmm … chain is classic, but clutches would work if it was an nice occasion. i suppose it would dpend on where i was going! pub: chain. party: clutch. simples J

the perfect meal:
hmm … this is a difficult one because i have such a love/hate relationship with food. i love eating it – any of it! – but I hate how i feel afterwards … that horrible bloated sickly feeling L  i suppose my favourite food would be Mexican: it`s easy to make, fun to eat, and great to share! and you can eat with your fingers and no one thinks you`re incapable of using a knife + fork!
i like to eat Italina food when i go to restaurants (even though it`s been forever since i`ve been on a date L). i find, though, that i eat best in restaurants if I have a carby starter, a salad main, and any dessert – and lots + lots of wine, hehe!!! if i have a carby main i get sooo full up and can`t finish my meal + feel rubbish afterwards. my way equals me being nicely full J
one of my favourite restaurants is Kitchen Stories in Madrid. the chicken ceasar salad was amazing! and the wine was gorgeous! “we do not do large glasses of wine, senorita! this is not England!” haha!
a favourite all-time restaurant of mine is Elude in Liverpool. the food was lovely – i went three years ago, so i`m a little hazy on what it was that i ate, but i remember liking it! – but, more importantly, the restaurant itself was just … amazing. it was empty – which i loved. seriously. i hate crammed places, and it felt like it was open just for us J which is a lovely feeling J
i also really, really, like BarBurrito is Liverpool. simple Mexican food that i can also just take-away + save until a later time, if i wanted to. which i rarely do. because i do not want to wait for Mexican food. obvz.

the perfect hangover cure:
it depends how bad the hangover is. if i was paralytic the night before, chance are i`m not likely to be doing much until the next day. but just a mild headache and the alcohol + sugar still in my system and i`m actually up early + ready to do a hell o a lot more than i am any other day! so … anything that i`ve been putting off, i`d do that day, ha!

the perfect road trip:
hmm … when i think of `road trips`, i automatically think of hiring a Cadillac and driving all around and across America. i assume most people do? major problem: i can`t drive. hypothetically, i would drive a car across America – but probably, for the main part, in one of those huge fancy caravans! it would save money on hotels and motels (although by doing this i realise that i would be missing out on any Psycho-esque motels along the way, but perhaps this would be a good thing!) but i would be able to stock up on food and drink supplies by visiting all the random (and i`m guessing cheap) supermarkets+corner shops. i know that i would be able to see a lot more of the `real` America this way, too. which  would be pretty cool. images of glossy+photo-shopped America and The American Dream are everywhere – and i`d quite like to see the opposite of that.
another amazing road trip that i would love to take one Summer would be across Europe. i cannot express how complete my life would be if i did this. i would use those hop-on/hop-off public transport system that seems to be so accessible to the modern Europe except England! i do believe that it would be entirely possible and extremely easy to make my way around Europe and see pretty much everything that i desire: London, Paris, South of France, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Berlin, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Rome, Venice, Milan, Turin, Tuscany, Athens, Istanbul …

the perfect facial feature:
eyelashes. i always feel i`m complete once i`ve applied mascara – especially lashings of it! i`m not very good at sticking on false eyelashes and sweeping on liquid eyeliner but i`ll have a go despite the messy+shaking outcome of it all!

the perfect drink:
VLS. Absolut vodka. fresh soda water. a fat wedge of lime, and a limey rim - perfection.

the perfect song:
Breakfast At Tiffany`s is one of those songs that i remember hearing on the radio when i was, like, seven, and remembering the specific but indescribable feeling – and i still get it now whenever i listen to it.
Love Shack is a total feel-good song that puts a smile on my face and reminds me of such an amazing care-free Summer when I was seventeen.
Smoke On The Water will always be the first song that i can recall from my childhood as it was a regular on the vinyl of a Saturday night!
Wannabe is a single that really sticks out for my seven year-old self because the Spice Girls are the girl band who I grew up to.
(Simply Having) A Wonderful Christmas Time by Paul McCartney is definitely my favourite Christmas song! i love them all, pretty much, but the music gives me those `feelings` and instantly transports me back to my childhood and being four in my house and putting up the Christmas decorations and the smell of tinsel …
Adele is pretty perfect, to me. anything she sings is perfect, but i think i`d have to be in the mood to genuinely appreciate her voice – because sometimes she is too raw for my fragile emotions, haha!
The Killers, Oasis, The Beatles … i couldn`t possibly pick one songs from all the artists out there!
i don’t think there is one perfect song; it would definitely depend on the season and the mood i was in …

the perfect sign of affection:
holding hands in public, probably. the old-fashioned-ness in me thinks that’s such a taboo as people will see and know that you are a couple! aww J

the perfect afternoon:
ooh … sun-bathing in Sefton Park in Liverpool while reading a good book (with good company!) then strolling to The Neighbourhood Café for some dinner then to the Penny Lane Wine Bar to finish the night!

the perfect vacation:
there is no one perfect holiday. at all. it would simply depend on what i wanted to do.
for example, if i needed to just relax, i would either go to Turkey (for a short stay) or to the Caribbean and shut myself away in the many all-inclusive accommodations that are on offer for a longer stint.
i could travel every month for a long weekend to a city for a `city-break` holiday and be perfectly happy walking non-stop for the entire time just to see everything! (in fact, that may be something to aim for one year, hmm …)
for a beach holiday, i`d say that Greece or Turkey would be completely perfect! not only is the sea warm and turquoise and the beaches white and sandy, but there is always something to do during the day if the beach gets boring – day trips+engaging in the local culture, for example.

the perfect invention:
  • the internet!
  • BlackBerry!
  • iPod!
  • books!
  • make-up! ... ahh … i couldn`t choose! i rely far too much on things!

the perfect type of wedding:
as little a thought as i have given this over the years, ironically, about a year or so before me and Him split, we did talk about our perfect wedding. since i`m not too fussy about a wedding, and since i`m not a fussy kind of person in general, i would opt for something simple but chic.
my dress would be a maxi dress, as opposed to a fitted wedding gown. i love maxi dresses, and i love loose-fitting clothing, so i would want to feel pretty+lovely on my wedding day, but not uncomfortable. 
i would opt for flat sparkly sandals; heels wouldn’t even come in to the equation. no point. i cant walk in heels. 
my hair would be loose with big soft wavy curls, all random and tousseled, with a pretty hair clip at one side, or a thin sparkly hair band … 
my make-up would be totally natural, with thick, long, curled, black eyelashes and pretty pink glossed lips with just a hint of a tan - `a healthy glow`, as my Mum calls it! in fact, i think going away for a couple of weeks beforehand would suit me just fine so i would be a lovely shade (not tanned, i might add, because i don’t tan, haha!) and probably feel much more confident wearing white, haha! 
i would wear jewellery: depending on the shape of my wedding dress, maybe a long, thin sparkly necklace to elongate and slim my body; if i was thin enough – or could find a bangle big enough – a sparkly bangle to shove riiight up my arm, because i think it would look so bo-ho+chic, which is, ultimately, the look i would be going for; and my engagement ring, and then wedding band.
speaking of my engagement ring, i would love a white gold band, a sapphire stone in the middle, and some sparkly diamonds. my wedding band would literally be a simple, thin white gold band. it doesn’t even have to be expensive, it just can`t turn my finger green, haha!

the perfect album:
Adele – 21. 
could listen to it on repeat when it first came out, but since The Break-Up i literally can`t because the lyrics are so heart-felt + sum up exactly how i feel … you`d think that this would be healing for me, but it`s not.

the perfect accent:
i love Spanish+Italian accents … mmm J

the perfect date:
oh, god – i don’t want to answer this thinking of either Him or anybody else ... but in the interest of trying to make myself happy, i will answer ... thinking of a friend.
drinks would be a loely start. meet in a wine bar. then move on for dinner somewhere casual – Italian is usually a winner. and the maybe a cocktail or two afterwards somewhere quiet … a hotel bar, or a cocktail bar. it would depend how the date was going …

the perfect weather:
rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain J love the rain!

the perfect party:
any where there`s alcohol ;-)

the perfect sport:
football. total perv-fest, haha!

the perfect thing to say:
“i love you”

the perfect day of the week:
Saturday. because it`s the day the week leads up to with excitement J

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