Thursday, 11 August 2011

pre-party pamper!!!

it`s been a while since i`ve update, but i haven`t completely given up `blogging` - i`m working on a project which will be added on once its complete ... so hopefully it`ll all turn out well J

meanwhile, i`ve been getting excited about seeing a couple of friends tomorrow!!! Jone is coming up from LDN (where she lives now, which is cool because London is such an amazing city, but is also kinda sucky because we don`t see each other nearly as often ...) and it should be a lovely catch-up over a few bottles of cheap wine, haha! J

in preparation for our night out, i`ve been choosing an outfit (sooo difficult in this crappy English `summertime` weather!) and painting my nails (again, really hard when i don`t know what i`m wearing!) and ... prepping my skin.

i`m not one for doing this usually (i wash my face, obvz!) but i don`t use scrubs because my skin is sooo sensitive. BUT i found this lemon-and-sugar video tutorial via this blog (which is fab, by the way!) and it WORKS so well even on my sensitive little face!!! yay Jright now, my face is UNBELIEVABLY smoooooth (if slathered in thick moisturiser) and i`m so looking forward to seeing how it`ll look in the morning! (hopefully i won`t have had some allergic reaction to lemon or sugar ... i eat both products, after all!)

i`ve also purchase this bubblegum lip-scrub on the recommendation from Karen via this blog J
so far, i`ve yet to see the results because i keep eating the DELICIOUS scrub off rather than let it work its magic ... but tonight, i scrubbed it well and truly, and my lips (smouthered in lip salve afterwards) feel SO SOFT!!! what`s not to love about preening oneself for a night out??? hehe! J

i`ve slathered my hair in some Aussie conditioning treatments, too. i`m used to doing this before bedtime now (it`s been part of my routine for about, oh ... a month - since my hairdresser kept bangin` on about how "dry and damaged" my hair was every time i went in!!! considering the amount of dye its had on it and the sheer useage of electrical appliances on it, i`d say it`s in top-notch condition, haha! but, anyway, i like the routine, and cheap coconut moisturising conditioner goes on my hair before bedtime now Jafterall, i have no one to snuggle up to that`ll moan about it, hehe!) but this is the first time i`ve left the 3 Minute Miracle deep treatment and the Leave-In Take The Heat treatment in overnight ... it won`t make much difference, it`s just that it`s the first time!

these are a few nail arts i`ve been trying to accomplish ... although i did just start practicing tonight - so i definitely need to work on it to perfect it, haha! but i`ve always loved painting my nails, and now the possibilities are endless because i can literally put whatever i want on my nails! ... i`ll have to have a think about what i actually want to put on my nails first, though ... haha!!!

(((apologies for the utterly uselessness of the quality of my BB camera - He has my actually pretty amazing camera on holiday with him ... i must be the best ex-GF there has ever been, ha!)))

can`t wait to let you know how my night out goes Jhoping to get at least ONE compliment when i`m out to make me feel better, haha!

g`night, lovelies xx


  1. I hope you have a GREAT time out.. Friends and Laughter cure a lot!! I love the first outfit that you have put together and I don't know much about your weather I live in Florida so i am melting just looking at your jackets! haha!! Anyways! Chin up! suz!!

  2. aww, thank you so much, Suz! i`m hoping for a great night despite the grey skies and misty rain ... haha! my friend has just travelled to Orlando, Florida for a fortnight - she`ll die in the heat, haha! have a great weekend lovely xx

  3. i have that same sugar scrub and it is so yummy xoxo