Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Dainty Doll: a wish-list

i do enjoy applying make-up for special occasions, but during the day i tend not to wear a lot.
i wear lashings of mascara and i slather my lips with vaseline and my skin is well-moisturised, but until i have to `put my face on` (haha! i love that expression!) i don`t want to look at foundation!
i have pale skin - i also have freckles, and i never really want to `white` them out - so finding a foundation that doesn`t look like fake tan is hard to find, actually. and as i quite like my freckles, the only time i feel as though my make-up works for me is on a summer holiday, believe it or not! mainly because my freckles are more dominant, my cheeks are pinker, so all i really have to apply is bronzer for a `healthy glow`. (all this really makes me wonder whether England is the best place for me to live, hehe! ;) it`s a sign to move to Spain, ahh!)
i am really looking forward to seeing how good this make-up is on actual pale skin ...
if only i had the money!
i have always been a fan of Nicola Roberts - even when Girls Aloud first started and Nadine+Cheryl were the popular members. i think Nicola`s ginger hair is beautiful and her pale skin is flattering. i`m so glad that she has recently decided to embrace her natural beauty, and i`m even happier that she has made a pro-active decision to promote - and put her name to - a make-up range specifically for pale-skinned girls.
because i am pale-skinned, and i do find it difficult to wear make-up without my face looking a lot darker than the rest of my body.
this is the product that i will most likely buy first:
Dainty Doll Concealer Hot Pour Abracadabra 

the concealer (^) is one of those products that every girl needs! i think i would probably get the most use out of this product because i don`t use foundation everyday, but i do tend to smoother concealer over my blemishes over my moisturiser - and just face the day au natural! 
Dainty Doll Loose Mineral Power Foundation - Now That I`ve Found You
the powder foundation (^) would be an interesting buy ... i prefer liquid foundations, personally. powder makes my face feel dry+look patchy. hmm ...
Dainty Doll Wonderbalm - Working Girl
this really does look amazing! (^) i love that you can wear it with or without make-up - which is handy as it is pricy! i would probably use this and the concealer the most - especially during the day - and team it with the foundation for an evening look.
Harrods also stock Dainty Doll:
and i think it would be lovely to buy the products from such a department store. 

i, however, will be buying it from Boots and collecting my points ;) haha!
perhaps when i have a job i will be able to afford a couple of the products :)
i know it will definitely make me happy to know i have the pale-specific make-up products, and it might cheer me up a wee bit :)

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